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IOSecure provides networking services for the smallest to the largest businesses in the province, including:

1. Advanced voice services offering considerable more flexibility than today’s legacy solutions.
2. LAN and WAN services, building robust and manageable solutions for today’s requirements.
3. Security Services – helping customers deploy “Best Practices” in the ever-changing world of the Internet and data networks.
4. Internet Operations – building and managing highly available and very secure commercial web infrastructures
5. Wireless – making sense of the many 802.11 wireless network options available.
6. Network Management – sleeping well knowing the network is providing the necessary services.
7. Service Providers

1. Advanced Voice Services:

We’ve been building and deploying converged IP and Voice solutions since 1997 with great success. The flexibility of delivering corporate phone services wherever there’s a quality Internet connection offers significant business advantage and cost savings. While the infrastructure sometimes prevent a strong Return on Investment, often we see customers experiencing immediate and strong financial incentives.

Many customers today have most of the required components already purchased and installed in their network to take advantage of the cost savings and advanced services available today with Voice over IP systems.

2. LAN and WAN services.

The data network is commodity within businesses, much like electricity and water. However, as businesses become more dependent on their IT infrastructure, the data network may need to be modified to support the availability and performance now needed.

We have significant experience working with many of the most critical data networks in the province providing manageable and highly available networks within budget. We avoid complexity wherever possible, believing the delivered networks must be manageable by the customer’s staff available.

3. Security Services.

Network Security is the first line of defense. Some of our customers are the largest financial institutions in the province, requiring bullet-proof security. We believe selecting the correct network design and products is just the second step to having a secured infrastructure. The first step of security starts with the culture of the organization and the processes and procedures.

4. Internet Operations.

Providing highly available and very secure web infrastructures requires considerable thought to the services being deployed, the budget available, and the risks to be mitigated. We believe the infrastructure must be scaled to meet the customer’s capabilities and budget. We have developed a three-phase approach to deploying and growing a customer’s web infrastructure.

5. Wireless.

With the growth of popularity in 802.11 wifi based networks, there has also come a rapid expansion of options including 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11x, WEP, IPSec, and many other acronyms and options. We believe security is critical in deploying any wireless network, and work with all of our customers to ensure the risks and benefits are clearly balanced.

6. Network Management.

Having a great network in place, but as a corporate resource, it too can be managed to ensure optimal return. Network Management strategies must reflect the organizations requirements and goals, although we typically find availability, utilization tracking, asset management, and message logging services to be starting points for most businesses.

7. Service Providers.

We’ve worked with almost all of the major Telco’s and ISP’s in BC and beyond., and a wide range of the network services your ISP are providing were architected and deployed with our staff’s assistance.




























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