The client is a major children’s hospital and teaching facility. Like most hospitals in Canada, it has undergone significant expansions and improvements over the years. The hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and tertiary care for children, from birth to adolescence, and treats hundreds of thousands of young patients each year. It also serves as a teaching hospital for infant and pediatric care.


With each new expansion of the medical facility came the challenge to integrate the latest in technology to improve and enhance the patient experience. Because hospitals are public institutions, there can be many stakeholders involved in any expansion or improvement. That often means different agendas and goals that must be satisfied. IOSecure was tasked with installing wireless devices and technologies made by different manufacturers in a seamless fashion in the hospital’s new Acute Care Centre, an eight-storey structure with over 600,000 square feet of space. Since there were a number of ISVs involved, IOSecure had to find a way to create a wireless infrastructure that would handle the varied specifications of the devices, while at the same time ensuring that each device operated at peak ability.



It quickly became apparent to IOSecure that there were two tasks. The first was the highly complex installation job that had to be done. The second was managing and fulfilling the wishes of the hospital’s numerous stakeholders and meeting the requirements of the different technology providers in order to create the best patient experience possible. IOSecure was able to do just that, at the same time giving the Acute Care Centre leading-edge technology. IOSecure installed a wireless solution throughout the facility that accommodated the different specifications and requirements of the various wireless devices. Many of these systems are patient-critical, where lives can be at stake. For example, a heart patient wearing a heart monitor and who is mobile can always be monitored no matter where they are at any given moment. If the patient suffers a cardiac incident, nursing stations need to be alerted instantly of the problem and the exact location of the patient. IOSecure was also charged with installing a voice and video collaboration system and opted to go with the Cisco Telepresence SX20, which turns a flat-panel display into a full-blown telepresence system that’s fully HD and works perfectly in small- to medium-sized conference rooms. IOSecure installed these video systems throughout the Acute Care Centre while, at the same time, implementing a wireless communications system from Vocera, running on Cisco routing hardware. Vocera allows instant, wireless, staff-to-staff communication throughout the facility. Rather than an overhead paging system, Vocera is a lightweight badge that is worn and activated with a simple touch. A request to communicate with a specific individual is made verbally and the request is routed directly to that person. Both the video and voice systems are cutting-edge, and IOSecure’s installation guaranteed flawless operation. Their exceptional work led the hospital to formally tell IOSecure that it was more than delighted with the results. “You have given us the means, through your installation of the best technology available, to provide exceptional patient and staff experiences in our new Acute Care Centre. We wouldn’t hesitate to use IOSecure again in the future – which, by the way, is very bright, thanks to you!”

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