Partnering with a Construction Company to deliver superior networking solutions


The client is a highly regarded, major construction firm in the province of British Columbia that had submitted a successful bid to build a new acute care unit for a major hospital in the province. Building medical facilities requires construction skills that are unique. The province was looking specifically for a company that specializes in hospital construction and knows how to build facilities like:

  • medical/surgical inpatient units
  • an emergency department
  • medical imaging and procedural suites

The client represents these abilities, having built children’s and women’s hospitals across North America and Europe.


Large projects are highly sought after.  Infrastructure projects, such as hospital expansions, are considered the crown jewels of construction. They can generate full-time jobs that can last for several years and bring both profile and profits to the winning bidder.

Competition for such projects is fierce and the process to win the job – from initial bid documents through preliminary interviews with the stakeholder to the final awarding of the contract – can be lengthy, with a final decision often two or more years in the making.

In order to be the successful bidder, a general contractor has to take great care in selecting sub-contractors who have the experience and skills required to do the job. This is paramount and the decision on who will do specialty work is taken very seriously.

For the hospital project, the successful general contractor needed to find someone who could manage the design and installation of a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that would provide the best patient and staff experience possible. The general contractor wanted to find a partner who would help them stand out in the crowd and ultimately become successful as the winning bid.



IOSecure bid on the installation of a wired and wireless communications project for the acute care centre, a structure with more than 600,000 square feet of space. They were one of three firms in the province capable of doing the job, and their experience and references provided unique differentiators to the general contractor.

As a result, the general contractor was successful in securing the contract. In particular, IOSecure was able to provide the following expertise:

  • Experience in the understanding of the healthcare industry.
  • Deep and intimate knowledge in the design and installation of network solutions.
  • Considered one of Cisco’s “go-to” Canadian partners, IOSecure has acquired and maintains the many levels of certification needed to remain a leader in the latest-generation networking hardware and software from the world’s leading provider of networking infrastructure and software.
  • A blue-chip roster of clients who return again and again for quality work and a team of exceptional consultants.

IOSecure was successful in its bid and began work on the design of the acute care unit’s network solution.

Highlights of this solution included: 

Creating architecture to support the installation of a video conferencing system throughout the acute care unit that would visually link medical staff in offsite locations with staff in the acute care unit. IOSecure used Cisco’s Telepresence SX20, which turns a flat screen into a two-way communications device.
The design and installation of a Cisco wireless voice communications system that allows any staff member to send a command to connect with any other staff member by name, using a lightweight touchpad that is worn on clothing and activated with a simple touch.
Integration with a variety of wireless medical devices wireless medical devices supplied by other vendors.
IoT capabilities, such as wireless heart monitors that pinpoint the location of a patient who is walking the hallways, necessitated a substantial increase in the wireless access point density by up to eight times what would have been necessary if all the medical devices were latest-generation. IOSecure adapted successfully to this obstacle without any degradation to the wireless system.

Both the contractor and the hospital were delighted with the results that IOSecure’s team produced, and the hospital achieved one of its most important aims: to provide the best patient experience possible.

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