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Technology and Subscription Lifecycle Management

The never-ending challenge of avoiding obsolescence risk in your technology program can be challenging at the best of times.

Very few companies are tech companies first, but in today’s world, almost all companies depend on technology to function and compete. The result is that our teams and customers are all hyperconnected and expect corporate systems to be available 24/7.

When the technology fails, the business fails, so ensuring the Network, Collaboration tools, and Data Centre are not slipping into obsolescence, underperforming, licence lapsing, or suffering from support agreements expiring is not just good housekeeping: it is mission critical.

IOSecure’s Technology LIfecycle Management Program is a holistic approach to ensuring your campus, branch, remote and mobile workforce and customer connections and systems are modernized and optimized for superior application performance and better business outcomes.

We will:

  • Capture a complete inventory of all systems and applications
  • Catalogue all systems at risk
  • Define and design refresh/upgrade path to address technical debt risk
  • Consolidate, rationalize and manage ongoing subscription and maintenance agreements to simplify operations and reduce costs.
  • Co-develop a multi-year financial program to bring greater predictability to technology costs

IOSecure is certified in the world’s leading technology platforms and can help you control costs while ensuring systems deliver optimal performance, maximizing employee productivity and improving customer experience.

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