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Co-Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

Rely on the support, knowledge, and expertise of IOSecure to strengthen your internal IT team to boost project completion rates and lower costs,

At the best of times, technology-skilled staff can be challenging to attract and retain. Seasonal business patterns or exceptional projects can create pressures on teams that are not always viable to handle on your own. IOSecure is here to help.

Co-Managed Services

At IOSecure, we recognize the needs of our customers to align their resources to the tasks that are the highest priority. This often leaves the ongoing operation in need of support when resources are otherwise engaged, and risk can start to rise. IOSecure’s co-managed offering is purpose-built to take on the tasks that are often missed in the day-to-day to ensure your infrastructure’s health is not overlooked. Will will task on those tasks with:

  • Ongoing engineering support and scheduled maintenance
  • Prescheduled health checks
  • Ongoing ad-hoc support delivery

Professional and Staff Augmentation Services

At IOSecure, we have a large bench of highly skilled professionals who are prepared to deliver world-class outcomes.

Certified in the world’s most advanced technology platforms, IOSecure aligns to the needs of our customers with:

  • Infrastructure engineers, Data Centre and Cloud architects, and Security Specialists with real-world experience delivering new builds, upgrades or complex integrations to help you modernize your tech stack.
  • Project managers fully certified with extensive real-world experience, ensuring you deliver on time and on budget.
  • Cyber Security Consultants skilled in keeping you one step ahead of the bad guys to keep our data safe.
  • Policy and Process Workflow managers with the knowledge to help you streamline your end-to-end business processes and ensure compliance.

We’ve got the skills you need to meet you where you are and help you and your team shine, making the seemingly impossible happen while never losing sight of timelines and budgets.


Whether it is for the most complex integration or leveraging our co-managed offerings, where you hand over the mundane tasks taking up the time of your valuable team that you’d rather have working on your most critical initiatives, we are here to meet you where you are and deliver the outcomes your need to succeed.

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