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AI wants all your data, stay in control

Artificial intelligence is a technology going through massive acceleration, from machine to machine learning to generative AI, which is permeating all facets of our infrastructure, applications, and processes.

The latest innovations have led to a massive expansion in the capacity of AI tools to absorb and utilize data that is both creating new and compelling business value while introducing risks at a scale never seen before. This is why it is critical to have a comprehensive plan and program for deploying AI in advance of unleashing in within your organization.

IOSecure:AI is our security-first methodology for planning, deploying, and operating AI throughout your technology and application stack while keeping you in control. Leveraging our NIST 2.0 compliant methodology, we will work directly with you to:

  • Identify: what systems and applications your AI tools can access
  • Protect: your data so privacy is maintained and AI is not mining your company’s systems on behalf of the bad guys.
  • Detect: Ensure protective measures are in place to identify risks and breaches and to ensure they can be contained and addressed.
  • Respond: Deploy the right resources, technologies and processes to close any vulnerabilities in your technology stack, as threats are constantly evolving
  • Recover: Dispatch resources to assist in the restoration and recovery of breached systems to sustain ongoing operations and repair harmed systems resulting from an attack.
  • Govern: Work in partnership with our customers, vendors, and standards bodies to ensure appropriate policies are in place, maintained, and followed to oversee the ongoing deployment and use of AI that is compliant and has an acceptable risk profile for the business.

AI wants all your data. It’s up to you to take control.

IOSecure:AI is at the ready to accelerate your path to deployment throughout your business to capture strategic advantage while keeping risk in check.

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