Helping a Canadian Credit Card company stay ahead of the competition


The client is an established credit card processing company specializing in protecting merchants from payment card information (PCI) exposure.

They provide fast, secure and innovative online transaction solutions and work at the forefront of the online transaction world.

They offer products and services allowing merchants to participate in online retail without the concerns surrounding the retention of credit card and other personal information.

From a start-up of just three partners specializing in payment processing, the company has grown and has clients as large as the federal government of Canada.

The client is also a certified PCI DSS Level 1 service provider, the most stringent level of certification possible today.


As compute, data storage and data analytics have grown exponentially, so, too, have the risks to that data.

The client has had to keep pace with the changing and ever-improving technologies available. Credit card processing depends on seamless, smooth and secure services, around the clock.

Ecommerce places extra emphasis on data security, and the client must also adhere to stringent compliance regulations. At the same time, scalability is critical – especially when securely storing customer data on behalf of its merchant clients.

Payments are not just done with a credit card; today, consumers can use Apple Pay, Google Pay and others. These new payment platforms demand their own levels and types of security.



Over the years, the client has frequently enlisted and come to rely on the services provided by IOSecure.

During their long relationship, IOSecure has helped the client keep pace with the rapid changes in technology. This has resulted in upgrades to the client’s data centre and more than one outright move to bigger and more technologically advanced facilities, necessitating major infrastructure upgrades along the way. IOSecure’s experience in this work meant that the client always received the right technology upgrades that fit their budget and fulfilled their need for ever-enhanced security.

As sensitive data retention became increasingly urgent, IOSecure provided the client with stringent firewalls protecting that data and allowing the company to retain its top-level security rating.

IOSecure has established a solid, time-tested business relationship that has lasted over two decades. The client knows what to expect from IOSecure and trusts IOSecure to always provide the right technology solutions at the right price.

In a recent communication to IOSecure, the client praised our work. “We can’t thank you guys enough for the fantastic job you’ve done for us over the last 20 years. We haven’t had to worry that your products or solutions were either unworkable or too expensive. You’ve always provided our firm with top-notch solutions and support, and we know we can sleep at night, thanks to your efforts on our behalf.”

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