Secure Wireless Connections Improving Patient Care Delivery


The client is a major children’s hospital and teaching facility. Like most hospitals in Canada, it has undergone significant expansions and improvements over the years.

The hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and tertiary care for children from birth to adolescence and treats hundreds of thousands of young patients each year. It also serves as a teaching hospital for infant and pediatric care.


With each new expansion of the medical facility came the challenge of integrating the latest technology to improve and enhance the patient experience.

Because hospitals are public institutions, there can be many stakeholders involved in any expansion or improvement. That often means different agendas and goals that must be satisfied. IOSecure was tasked with installing wireless devices and technologies made by different manufacturers in a seamless fashion in the hospital’s new Acute Care Centre, an eight-storey structure with over 600,000 square feet of space.

Since there were a number of ISVs involved, IOSecure had to find a way to create a wireless infrastructure that would handle the varied specifications of the devices, while at the same time ensuring that each device operated at peak ability.

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