Impact Your Bottom Line

Gain Savings & Efficiencies with New Technologies


Enterprises can reap massive financial benefits through cloud- and internet-based technologies that promise greater cost efficiencies, better collaboration, improved service offerings and happier customers.

Know Your Costs (and Savings) Up Front

$122M is wasted for every $1B invested.1



The hidden costs of new technologies are not always understood up front, leading to overruns or higher than expected operating costs.



IOSecure brings tremendous financial and risk analysis experience along with a rigorous discipline applied up front to truly understand investments needed and investment returns.

Benefit Realization Management Increases Success

Enterprises that invest in BRM increase project success rates by more than 50%



Many organizations don’t understand that attention to any single project needs to continue once the project is completed. This post-project attention will impact corporate culture and user adoption.



Benefit Realization Management (BRM) is an exercise that should continue after the project is done. IOSecure can ensure that the benefits experienced once the technology is implemented will impact adoption through ongoing change management practices.

Identify Technologies that Deliver Immediate Cost Benefits

IDC Predicts that, by 2020, 60% of organizations will have articulated their Digital Transformation Platform strategy.2



Many companies react to technology buzz words and leap to start projects without clearly understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the technology for their business.



IOSecure can help you separate the myth from the hype. Develop a strategy aligned to business growth and technology maturity to reduce risk and increase success.

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